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Big Daddy v. Baghdadi

Unlike the President, I am big enough to say congratulations.  Mr. Trump, thank you for being in office when one of the most hideous men in history was taken out by American forces. Thank you to the Kurds, who provided the intelligence, the fortitude and the blood that kept people like my nephew, who is currently serving in the army, safe; thank you.  Unlike Republicans, who following the death of Osama Bin Laden, waited breathlessly for former President Obama to use the pronoun “I” when he delivered news of the death of the Al Qaeda leader in four minutes, thank you again.  

So, we got an October surprise, and a gift to the American people with the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Different from presidential election years, this October’s surprise, a few days prior to Halloween, could be described as a Shock-tober surprise.  The predictable thing about Mr. Trump is that his Shocktober will be surpassed by his continued criminality. We will get a Low-vember, a Dissembler, and enter the new year with a Damn-uary. So, has been the presidency of Donald Trump, time and time again we are subjected to his self-praise and in the process the debasing of the country.  

For a party that preaches selflessness, patriotism and derides the Democrats as socialist, and anti-American, having their party’s standard-bearer praise Russia first, was astonishing.  As rumors circulate that the killing of an enemy happened in spite of the President and not because of him, Mr. Trump took in Sunday night’s World Series baseball game hoping to get his just desserts.  Yes, the President spoke of attending the game prior to the announcement of Al-Baghdadi’s death, but he tweeted out at 9:23 pm Saturday night like a child, ‘something very big has just happened.’  Mr. Trump who was so anxious to grab sole praise for the raid did not inform the Congressional ‘Gang of Eight.’ Some members found out from TV reports.  Had something gone wrong you could be assured Mr. Trump would be pointing fingers in every direction but his own.

The fans of the Washington Nationals, who are now stunned to be on the brink of elimination, were united amidst their despair. They chanted “lock him up” at the President while others booed lustily. For a man who has spent the past 48 hours saying his [terrorist’s raid] is bigger than Obama’s, Republicans should remember in this case the ‘ayes’ have it. Mr. Trump will tell you himself he is the best, the biggest, the smartest and the bravest. [He] alone destroyed ISIS, just ask him, “It was me…who captured them,” Trump told reporters at a cabinet meeting Monday in the White House. “I’m the one who did the capturing. I’m the one who knows more about it than you people or the fake pundits.”   

The obvious megalomania in such a statement is dangerously explicit.  A President who revels in death with descriptive language and talks about a mission that endangers American lives like a ‘movie.’ We were getting full reports on a minute-by-minute basis,” Mr. Trump said while adding, “as though you were watching a movie.” That type of narcissism cannot be trusted with the lives of fighting men and women in harm’s way.

Vote in 2020 for Change.