Biden’s ad showing Trump as a laughingstock has a deeper purpose than Trump.

Joe Biden has the best ad out against Donald Trump to date showing him as a laughingstock to world leaders. Other Democratic candidates should heed this.

Donald Trump the laughingstock

To be clear, IMHO Joe Biden is a step backward. He simply does not support the progressive policies America needs. That said, the above ad produced by the Biden team is the type of fight the Democrats, must have.

Joe Biden is showing that he is ready to play in the same pen with Donald Trump which is unfortunately necessary. I am sure Bernie Sanders will as well but I have yet to see his attack on Trump. The same applies to Elizabeth Warren.

Biden with this ad is attempting to show Americans that he will be on the ball if he is the candidate. It is likely that this ad is made for the Democratic Primary electorate more so than the entire voter population.

Recently, Biden confronted a person in the audience that could have been a plant. Conventional wisdom would say he overreacted or was rude. He called the man a liar and then challenged him to both pushups and an IQ test. If one looks at the faces of the audience, they liked it. Remember, the Trump Effect has for the foreseeable future changed American sensibilities.

While it is clear to most progressives that Biden must not be the Democratic Presidential Candidate, I am in fact impressed with these two recent machinations.

Progressives have a tendency to take the high road at all cost. One would be inflicting mortal damage on them and they turn the other cheek or try to figure out why their attacker is behaving that way. That simply will work no more during elections. Social work belongs in a different domain. In today’s America, elections are a full-body sport. Progressive Democrats better get on the ball.

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