Those who cheerlead and tout for Capital got good news yesterday as markets went up 700+ points after the Biden delegate victories on super-Tuesday. The Trump regime has featured the eight lowest drops in stock market history. – The Dow racked up its second-biggest point gain on record Wednesday, driven by a surge in healthcare stocks as former Vice President Joe Biden's race for the Democratic presidential nomination gained traction following a surprisinly strong Super Tuesday performance.

The S&P 500 surged 4.22%, the Nasdaq Composite gained 3.85% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 4.53%, or 1,173 points.

With his campaign widely believed to be on the brink of collapse a few weeks ago, Biden won ten of the 14 states in which voters cast ballots on Super Tuesday, setting up a close race for the Democratic presidential nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Healthcare stocks surged as Biden's strong showing eased the prospect of a Sanders victory, which many fear would trigger major disruptions for the industry with a Medicare for All policy.…




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