Joe Biden took his Texas “Tough” ad and made a national version:

and he bought air time for it tomorrow during Chris Wallace’s interview with Trump:

Scoop: Biden's new plan to troll Trump

Joe Biden's campaign bought ads in swing states tomorrow during Chris Wallace's feisty “Fox News Sunday” interview with President Trump.

That’s the interview where the Misinformed Mangoface claims Biden will defund the police, and Wallace calls him on it.…

So viewers in the Fox Bubble will not only get to Trump mumbling and bumbling — and getting called on it — they also get to watch, practically side by side, Joe Biden being genuine, caring, tough yet sympathetic, clear, convincing, basically acting he’s already the leader of the country. Certainly they can watch him being the leader the country desperately needs.

And Biden does it without once mentioning the word “Trump.” He doesn’t have to.

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