Biden Tied in Florida Congressional District Trump Won by 9 Points

St Pete Polls has released a survey showing Joe Biden is tied in Florida’s 18th Congressional District. The 18th which is an east coast district just north of Ft Lauderdale gave Trump a 9 point margin in 2016 and has a PVI of R +5.

Trump only won the state of Florida by 1.3% so any erosion of support could mean his defeat in this critical swing state. Biden is currently running about two points ahead in Florida.

St Pete is a nonpartisan poll that is rated “C” by 538.

— Presidential contest: The poll showed Biden with 48.5% support and Trump with 48.2% inside CD 18. That’s a significant shift from 2016 when Trump topped then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton 53%-44% in the district. This cycle, though, Keith is running well behind Biden’s numbers.

— Survey data: The poll ran on Friday, Sept. 18, and sampled 1,149 likely voters. It has a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.

Brian Mast, the current Republican congressman from the district, is holding on to an eight percent lead.

— The results: Mast is earning 50% support in the survey while his Democratic opponent, Pam Keith, is securing just 42%. Nonparty affiliated candidate K.W. Miller pulled in only over 2%. Another 5% of respondents were undecided.

— Mast enduring through controversy: Mast has faced calls to resign after apologizing over decade-old social media posts where he joked about sleeping with 15-year-olds and rape. The new survey shows voters sticking with the incumbent despite Trump underperforming in the district.