Received this e-mail today from former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Americans have had to adapt every facet of our lives to the new reality we live in, and our democracy should be no different.

That’s why it’s critical for our leaders to immediately expand vote-by-mail options, online voter registration, and early voting, to ensure that people can safely exercise their right to participate in our electoral process.

If you agree, we need you to speak up now. Will you sign our petition to demand expanded options to ensure everyone’s right to vote safely?

The right to vote is the most sacred American right, but recent decisions from state and federal leaders have put that right in jeopardy by refusing to allow options for people to cast their ballots safely.

We cannot allow what happened in Wisconsin — where voters waited in line for hours and risked their health to vote in-person — to happen again.

Lawmakers must work with public health officials to ensure that states hold safe elections, and that starts by expanding options for people to make their voices heard without putting themselves at risk. This work has to start NOW.

And if you agree that lawmakers must do everything they can to safeguard our elections and uphold our democracy through this pandemic, will you sign our petition now?

We’re in this together.

Thanks for speaking up,

Biden for President

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