Do you want to know why the Chinese government survives. Because they do thing slike during the crisis in Wuhan the government tracked down and punished price gougers severely. Legend has it that many of them were shot (may not be true but I think many Chinese people believe it). In any case no matter how powerful or how many ties the Chinese government went after them. There are few things more powerful in showing people you are on their side than going hard after price gougers, people who hoard and then over charge for necessities, in times of crisis. These types of actions can overcome a lot of other sins.

Of course Trump celebrates gougers as smart bidness men who he can play golf with. And Bond villain Jared Kushner is having a field day with his friends fleecing the public and leaving them to die. We are already in French revolution territory, and as bodies pile up in very real ways it is going to get much worse. Biden can choose his vice president and cabinet if he wants. The election is over for all intents and purposes. But I think it is tone deaf without going out and saying that anybody who takes advantage of what is going to now to enrich themselves will face the wrath of his administration. They will not be able to hide. They will go to jail for very long times. There will be no escape this time.

People can forgive a lot if it does not directly affect them and they are doing okay. Few people are forgiving when they are standing over the grave of a loved one, or more likely have to say good bye using Face Time. This is where Biden’s energies must be focused, or at least being perceived as focused.

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