We are in that strange place where a respected rival gets to lead infrastructure change in a critical area of the US economy and a nutter in VA wants fascism. Darn Constitutional freedoms juxtaposed on the same day. Perhaps trains will run on time.

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg to serve as Transportation secretary, according to multiple reports.


President-elect Joe Biden will nominate Pete Buttigieg to be his transportation secretary, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN, elevating the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to a top post in the federal government.

Buttigieg would be the first Senate-confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet secretary should his nomination make it through the chamber.
The choice vaults a candidate Biden spoke glowingly of after the Democratic primary into a top job in the incoming administration and could earn Buttigieg what many Democrats believe is needed experience should he run for president again.

The role of transportation secretary is expected to play a central role in Biden's push for a bipartisan infrastructure package.

Buttigieg is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party but someone who lacked an obvious path to higher elected office given the continued rightward shift of his home state of Indiana.
Buttigieg emerged as the leading candidate for the transportation secretary role in recent days. The former mayor was considered for a host of other posts, including US ambassador to the United Nations and commerce secretary.



— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 15, 2020

Is calling for martial law a seditious act.


— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) December 15, 2020

A Republican state senator and candidate for governor in Virginia called for martial law in response to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Amanda Chase, who’s embraced the description “Trump in heels,” said in a Facebook post Tuesday morning that she would “never” consider Biden her president.

“President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn,” she wrote, referring to the former national security adviser and presidential pardon recipient.

Flynn recently shared a press release on Twitter that called on Trump to declare martial law and order the military to hold a national re-vote — in order to avoid “the threat of a shooting civil war,” in the press release’s words.

Chase told The Washington Post Tuesday that she was hopeful the electoral college results would be overturned when electors’ votes are formally counted on Jan. 6.

“Martial law comes in if none of these options work,” she said. “General Flynn is the one who first talked about it in his interview right after he was pardoned. … He recommended that President Trump implement martial law to go and seize these machines and voting equipment to find the voter fraud. There needs to be a national audit.”


Because it uses ironic speech, i.e. does not “say what it means,” parody is susceptible to multiple readings.


— Haymarket Books (@haymarketbooks) December 15, 2020

CHICAGO—Explaining it was the only way to close the city’s projected $1.2 billion budget shortfall, Mayor Lori Lightfoot unveiled a plan Friday to abolish the Chicago Transit Authority and replace it with police. “Starting next year, our entire public transportation infrastructure will be replaced with teams of police officers who arrive at bus stops and train stations every 14 minutes,” said Lightfoot, who acknowledged that while some residents might struggle to adjust to life without the CTA, they could rest assured knowing an additional 100,000 to 200,000 cops would soon be detailed on and around L platforms throughout the city. “The thin blue line will connect all parts of Chicago. This is the best police force in the world, and I have faith in their ability to take over for our transit system and provide a great service to the community. Our city coffers will also benefit from a reduction in fare evasion, because anytime someone jumps a turnstile, we’ll have 200 to 300 cops waiting right there to deal with them.” Lightfoot went on to announce that Chicago’s current bike-share system would be replaced by a rent-a-cop program.



— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) December 15, 2020


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