Joe Biden just released an ad aimed at Texas:

as reported by Greg Sargent in the WaPo: Biden is advertising in Texas. That’s ominous for Trump.

This ad never once mentions Trump. It focuses on how Texas is trying to cope with the coronavirus and how Biden promises to be there for them, to help them, to tell them he understands what they are going through and how he wants to do what’s best for them.

This is very much a deliberate contrast: Biden has spoken this way on other occasions as well. But now it’s in an ad in Texas, a historically red state where coronavirus cases are surging.
This by itself is far from enough of a reason to vote for Biden, of course. But it sets down a baseline of basic respect for people’s humanity. And that by itself will contrast well with Trump’s unceasing ninth-circle-of-hell murmur — the constant lies, the nonstop minimization of the crisis, the perpetual insistence that it’s always all about him — all of which constitute a form of very deep contempt for that basic humanity.

There is no better way to make the difference between him and Trump clear than by this kind of ad. And the irony of it is, the voters will get the point but Trump won’t.

Sargent doesn’t think Biden will win Texas, though he may come close, but that this will help the Democrats downballot.

Biden almost certainly won’t win Texas, where it’s roughly tied. But Democrats are pressuring Biden to push into places such as Texas and Georgia, to expand down-ballot possibilities, to experiment with paradigm-shifting electoral college routes through the Sun Belt, and to deliver as massive a repudiation of Trump as possible.

But the mere fact that Biden running ads in such parts of the country doesn’t seem unreasonable or quixotic itself should be seen as ominous for Trump — especially given that this ad’s particular message will likely find receptive audiences there.

I think Sargent is underestimating our chances in Texas. Other than that, he’s right on.

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