White House officials are acting like President-elect (!!!!) Joe Biden is Harry Potter’s Voldermort: He who must not be named.

Trump’s National Security Adviser Tells Staff: Don’t Even Mention Biden’s Name

Other officials familiar with the matter noted that O’Brien has also pushed national security officials to publicly embrace the absurd Trump message that the election has not been certified and that there are still legal battles playing out across the country that could turn in the president’s favor.

“If you even mention Biden’s name… that’s a no-go, you’d be fired,” one national security official said. “Everyone is scared of even talking about the chance of working with the [Biden] transition.”

Seriously. White House officials will be fired for even mentioning the name of the man who beat the Malignant Mangoface. Unless, of course, you say he lost. Trump is forcing everyone around him to support his fantasy.

But even O’Brien knows it’s not going to last.

Behind closed doors, one official claimed, O’Brien has been much more forthcoming about Trump’s loss and the need to prepare for a transition. The problem, the other officials said, is that O’Brien hasn’t made that known to the commander in chief.

It’s not just O’Brien who’s having this problem.

It’s getting harder to find the heavy hitter who will tell Trump to concede. Three sources say it’s crystal clear to many around Trump that his legal challenges, launched without any evidence of massive voter fraud, will not change the result of the election, even with Attorney General Bill Barr’s nationwide hunt for voter-fraud material. Yet the dynamics of personal loyalty that bind Trumpworld together deter many of his closest advisers from telling him that his presidency is over.

Trump may indeed be bracing himself for the inevitable:

President Donald Trump is still refusing to concede that Joe Biden won the election and continuing to try to challenge the results in court— but a series of recent leaks suggests he might see the writing on the wall. www.vox.com/…

but he's still trying to make as much of a mess as he can of the government — and the country — before Biden takes over. Then he can sit back while Biden struggles to clean it up and say to the country, “see what happens when you don’t like me enough?”

EVERYTHING Trump touches dies. From his casinos to his university to his steaks and wines to his creditors and contractors. US banks haven’t wanted anything to do with him for decades.

And speaking of dying, we’re approaching 150,000 new cases a day. But Trump hasn’t said one word about the pandemic since the election. Remember when he said talk of covid cases would go away once the election was over? Well, as far as he’s concerned, it has.

Meantime, Biden can't get the PDB, or money for the transition, or vetting of his choices for sensitive positions, or even messages from foreign leaders, all because Trump does not want to hear Biden’s name.

  • November 12, 2020