Mensch — a good old-fashioned Yiddish word. Like most Yiddish, it doesn’t translate all that well, but it basically means someone — man or woman — with a good soul, someone who is open and above all, genuine. Fellow menschen, I give you Joe Biden, Mensch.

Biden offers to talk to coronavirus victims' families and nearly offers his phone number

Joe Biden nearly offered his cell phone number to family members of coronavirus victims on national television Friday night as he discussed the difficulty of not being able to be there for loved ones who are dying.

. . .

Biden urged people to “seek help afterwards” and “talk to people who have been through it so … they can tell you that you can get through it.”
Biden then began to give his phone number, but stopped himself.
“You can contact my campaign. I'm happy to try to talk to you,” Biden said. “Not that I'm an expert, but just having been there. I'm so sorry for you.”

Joe Biden makes mistakes. He’s not the greatest speaker, and he’s worked all his life to overcome a stutter. He’s made some bad decisions as a Senator (his treatment of Anita Hill is still a sore spot). He is not the most progressive candidate we could have had.

But he is a mensch. The genuine article. People see that and they respond to it. Especially these days, of crisis and death and divisiveness and outright hatred of half the country for the other half, Joe Biden projects, well, normalcy. Calm. Not too many grand ideas, but getting us back on track and repairing the mess every Republican president leaves behind for the next Democrat.

This is why Trump, that putz, that paskudnyok, that chozzer, who should vakzen vi a tsibilis mitn fus in ayr un kop in drerd*, is so afraid of him. And it’s why Biden will win.

*”He should grow like an onion, with his feet in the air and his head in the ground.”

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