Biden Expands Lead to 11% in Top Rated Marist Poll; Cook Report Shifts Ratings on 15 US House Races

The Marist Poll shows Joe Biden has a 53% to 42% national lead over Trump, the largest lead ever for this poll. Marist is rated as an A+ poll by 538.

In the Marist late June poll Biden’s lead was 52% to 44%. In February it was 50% to 44%.…

Approval of Trump is at 39%, the lowest it has been since January 2019, according to the survey. The generic poll was Democrats 49% to 43% for Republicans.

President Trump, whose approval rating has dipped to 39% in this survey, is seen as an unreliable source of information on the pandemic. Just 31% say they can trust the information coming from the president. Less than half — 46% — say they trust what they hear from news media on it.

On the issues, Trump trails Biden substantially on who is seen as better to handle coronavirus or race relations. Biden has a 53%-to-37% lead on handling coronavirus, and an even wider 58%-to-34% advantage on handling race relations.…

The… was taken between August 3 and August 11, before the announcement of Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate. Margin of error for this survey is 3.3%

Two other national polls released this morning also show Biden with a double digit national lead. Data for Progress (rated B-) shows a lead of 52% to 40%, and Global Strategies Group (unrated) shows a lead of 52% to 42%.…

Cook Report Shifts 15 US House Races, 11 in the Direction of the Democratic Candidates

New House rating changes in #CA45 #GA07 #IL06 #IL13 #IL14 #MN08 #NH01 #NJ02 #NJ11 #NY01 #NC11 #TX03 #TX32 #UT04 #WA03

Cook Political Ratings Changes 8/14; Democratic Seats
District Old New Incumbent
CA 45 Likely D Solid D Porter
IL 6 Likely D Solid D Casten
IL 14 Lean D Likely D Underwood
NH 1 Lean D Likely D Pappas
NJ 11 Likely D Solid D Sherrill
TX 32 Lean D Likely D Allred
UT 4 Lean D Tossup McAdams

Republican Held Seats
District OLD NEW Incumbent
GA 7 Tossup Lean D Open
IL 13 Tossup Lean R Davis
MN 8 Likely R Solid R Stauber
NJ 2 Lean R Tossup Van Drew
NY 1 Likely R Lean R Zeldin
NC 11 Solid R Likely R Open
TX 3 Likely R Lean R Taylor
WA 3 Lean R Likely R Beutler
  • August 14, 2020