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Biden Does Not Know When To Stop Digging.

You all are going to hear about this from plenty of other diarists, but Joltin Joe Biden just can’t quit digging his own grave on misreading the political times.  Biden says he would probably resubmit Merrick Garland for the SCOTUS if he wins the presidency.  And this is what he had to say about how Obama and he handled Garland’s failed nomination:

“I think we should have been a whole heck of a lot harder on [Mitch McConnell],” the 2020 presidential candidate conceded in an interview with the Iowa Starting Line on Friday.

“I have pretty good relationships on both sides of the aisle,” Biden added, recalling the dialogue around Garland at the time. “I’d say, ‘What are you doing, you’re setting a horrible precedent here.’ And the answer was, ‘I know Joe, but if I go, I’m in a red state, if I go ahead and just call for a hearing, the Koch Brothers will drop five, ten million dollars on my race.’”

“That’s nothing about political courage, it’s a reality,” Biden added.

Yes, Biden supporters.  Technically, Garland’s nomination didn’t fail because he NEVER got a hearing from the Senate Republicans.  I get that.  The mofo McConnell stole that SCOTUS seat.  I hear ya on that.

But Biden’s telling Senate Republicans they were setting a “bad precedent” hasn’t done shit to stop them from filling the judiciary with political hacks.

McConnell is just sweating bullets of worry about how he will look to history.  NOT!  And it doesn’t seem to bother all those other Senate Republicans either.  

And here is what some have forgotten about Garland’s nomination:  it was supposed to put Republicans on the spot because Garland was a moderate with previous Republican support.  Anyone remember how those Republicans who voted for Garland before did nothing to help him?  I know I do.  And there was no popular uprising from Democratic voters over how Garland was treated.

Yes, I think it was a crime.  I’m still pissed.  Too bad the American public can’t be bothered by  what happened.

So to recap, Obama appointed Merrick Garland, a more than qualified moderate, to the SCOTUS.  The plan was to force Senate Republicans to vote to confirm Garland because they had done so before.  If they did not, Obama could have used this as an election year issue.  It was not a motivator for Democratic voters.  Senate Republicans didn’t bother to have a vote, and they were actually rewarded when Trump got the White House and nominated Gorsuch.

Seems to me that political cowardice pays if you are a Republican.

Now, assuming that Biden were to win the presidency and McConnell stays in control of the Senate — I don’t buy that second part is set in stone or ordained by God, but I’ve talked about this before — Biden would do what to change the political dynamic?  Probably renominate Garland.  Because it worked so well the first time.

McConnell will do the same thing again.  Any Biden supporter want to tell me otherwise?  And seeing this is predictable as the Sun rising in the East, what good is nominating another moderate for the SCOTUS?  Why not go hole hog and send up a progressive for the SCOTUS?  

Instead we have Biden literally fighting the last war.

And to be honest, why the hell is Biden bringing up this tale?  It only highlights how ineffective he and Obama were at finding “common ground” with Republicans.  You cannot reach out to the other side when they refuse to even shake your hand.

It is a failed political strategy, and Biden’s story telling is only reminding voters of that fact.  But yeah, who am I tell Biden to stop?

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