Betrayed by Trump, Kurdish Fighters Forced to Ask Assad for Support.

Forced into choosing between the Devil and the deep blue sea by Trump’s abandonment of them earlier this month, Kurdish forces in the Northern Syria city of Manbij have chosen the Devil.


“The consequences of President Trump's surprise announcement to withdraw all US troops from Syria are now being seen on the ground.

Manbij is a strategically important town in northern Syria that until today was under the control of US-backed Kurdish forces.

The Kurds – who led the fight against IS – see Mr Trump's decision as a betrayal.

Without the support of the Americans, Kurdish leaders are now being forced to choose what they regard as the least bad option.

They will be hoping that the presence of the Syrian government army – which is backed by Russia and Iran – will deter Turkey from launching an attack.

Last year, Ankara launched a major operation backing Syrian rebels to take the city of Afrin which had also previously been under Kurdish control.”

So… I wonder what retribution Assad will extract from our once Kurdish allies for defying him in the first place? However dire, it is evident they fear him less than the Turks.

We now lose what could have been a genuinely democratic enclave in Northern Syria and also help consolidate Assad and Putin’s position there.

Who knew Syria could be so complicated?