Best politician in America today is a city commissioner who chewed out the worst mayor in Florida


The ignorance and vindictiveness of Mayor Pam Triolo was met with righteous anger of an amazing man. Commissioner Omari Hardy was beyond livid that the Mayor was allowing the shutting off of people’s electricity during a pandemic. 52 residents had their electricity cut.

Commissioner Omari Hardy

Hardy accused city manager Michael Bornstein of “turning off people’s lights during a global health pandemic”. He said Mayor Triolo was more concerned with her relationship with Bornstein and was complicit because she refused to call an emergency meeting on measures the city could take.

The Mayor broke all kinds of protocol in this meeting trying to prevent Hardy from speaking, of which he skillfully called her out on. The Mayor then broke the rules to recess the meeting, walk away, and dismissively tell him “he was done”. That’s when all hell broke lose.

The video has gone viral.  I don’t think Omari Hardy’s career is in anyway “done”. Yet given all the negative comments you can read about the city’s mayor on these videos, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be on her campaign team next time. 

This, folks,  is the kind of passion and anger that is needed right now. We have a petty, incompetent president who only clearly cares about his re-election campaign; GOP congressmen who are only concerned about Trump’s image; and GOP senators who used the crisis to play the stock market.

Hardy is a man who is worked up and practically screaming over the pain of his constituents over the failure of the city’s leadership to act compassionately towards their own citizens.

THIS, Florida, is a f***ing real politician. We need more like him, not less.  He later apologized for his tone, but said he stands by every word

The resolution passed with Hardy being the lone NO vote, yet I’m sure the others will come to regret that as we get closer to election season. 


  • March 22, 2020