Bernie Sanders to Joe Manchin on infrastructure: Two bills go together. We're passing them both.

Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders visited the Sunday morning programs. Bernie made it clear humaneness demands both bills.

The difference between Bernie Sanders & Joe Manchin

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Joe Manchin appeared with Chuck Todd attempting to justify his objection to the $3.5 Trillion human infrastructure bill. It was a word salad of complete disregard to the poor and middle-class. In fact, the following statement said it all.

“Who would've thought we'd have gotten 19 Republicans to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure, the hard, the physical, infrastructure?” said Joe Manchin. “And that's the most urgent need that we have.”

In other words, this Senator is unable to understand that human beings need investments more so than hardware.

Bernie Sanders took a different approach on CNN's State of The Union with Dana Bash. He first points out that the infrastructure Manchin talks about is important.

“We want a physical infrastructure bill,” said Bernie Sanders. “We have to rebuild our roads and our bridges. That's important.”

But then he made the important statement about human infrastructure.

“Human infrastructure is more important,” Sanders continued. “We cannot continue to have elderly people unable to hear, no teeth in their mouths, children who can't get decent child care. We cannot afford not to deal with climate. We have got to do that in this unprecedented moment in American history.”

And then pointed out the reality of both infrastructure bills.

“Two bills go together,” Sanders said. “At the end of the day, I believe we're going to pass them both.”

In other words, we won't allow those who treasure capital over humanity to pull a fast one. They won't once again screw the poor and the middle-class.

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  • September 12, 2021
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