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Bernie Sanders Allies Super PAC Launches First Major Ad In Support Of Joe Biden

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I’m loving this:

A super PAC created by former top aides to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is set to air its first television ad, aiming to win over progressives who remain skeptical of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s center-left politics.

The 30-second ad from America’s Progressive Promise features footage of Sanders’ endorsement of Biden. The group is planning to spend six figures to air the spot during the Democratic National Convention later this month on national cable TV and in select markets in the swing states of North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa and Wisconsin.
“Every person who voted for me and for the other candidates understands Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of our country, and that it is absolutely imperative that we come together to defeat him — and defeat him badly,” Sanders says in the ad.

“Whether it is health care, whether it’s the environment or climate change, whether it’s education, whether it’s in the economy, Joe Biden will be the most progressive president since FDR,” he concludes.

The PAC is aimed at boosting support among Latino and young voters who supported Sanders in the primary to come out and vote for Biden. Meanwhile, Trump is trying to double down on the craziness to help rile up his base:

On Thursday, the last day that he and Congress saw fit to work this week, he gave a speech in Ohio in which he once again demonstrated that his strategy for courting Evangelical votes is just throwing things at the wall.


The idea that a presidential candidate could “hurt God,” a Supreme Being who exists beyond space and time, is not really the kind of talk you'd expect from someone who believes in or understands the concept. But this is a fairly revelatory look at the state of the conservative movement. As Trump has proven, this sort of Godliness and religiosity is less tied to any principles to live by than they are one facet—along with gun ownership and, apparently, burning fossil fuels—of a conservative identity around which the movement's base is organized. He doesn't mention opposition to nonwhite immigration here, or the larger concept that this is a country built for and by white people and everyone else should just be happy to be here, but those are the really animating features that drew movement conservatives to his candidacy in the first place.

He’s doing this because he’s failing to get the base to hate Biden as much as they hated Hillary Clinton back in 2016:

They certainly don’t like Biden. But they don’t detest him with the kind of burning fire that Hillary Clinton inspired in them four years ago. And that’s a serious problem for a president who depends on anger and hatred to motivate his supporters.
When Trump held a news conference Tuesday and blathered on for nearly an hour, mentioning Biden no fewer than 31 times (among other things, he claimed Biden would “abolish the suburbs”), it may have been because aides have urged him to talk more about the presumptive Democratic nominee. Their theory, no doubt accurate, is that if the election is just about the president, he’ll lose.

But so far, nothing the Trump campaign has tried has turned voters against Biden. Trump supporters have argued that Biden is corrupt, that he’s too old, that he has a bad record as a senator, and that everything that Trump has failed to do is actually the fault of Biden and Barack Obama. It hasn’t made a difference; Biden still has a wide lead in just about every poll.

And this is how desperate the GOP has become:

The most offensive thing about Republicans with ties to President Donald Trump’s re-election efforts openly working to put rapper Kanye West on swing states’ ballots isn’t that they’re trying to pull votes away from Joe Biden. It’s that they’re doing so with very little effort to hide their true intention: to chip away at Biden’s support among Black voters.

Reports are coming in fast and shameless about GOP efforts in places like Ohio, Wisconsin and Colorado to get West’s name on the ballot in what can only be seen as an exploitative campaign to suppress the votes of those who may see the 43-year-old celebrity’s name and think, ‘Why not?’ It’s a cousin to Trump’s roll-the-dice pitch four years ago, when his main offering to Black voters was, “What do you have to lose?”

The GOP effort isn’t even trying conceal its desired effect. Biden won the nomination with tremendous help from Black voters who have known him for decades, but will also be counting on support from younger voters who may now see West’s name on the ballot and flip. Trump himself retweeted an article saying a West candidacy is designed “to siphon [B]lack votes away from Biden” and added that “Corrupt Joe has done nothing good for Black people!” And West is saying he doesn’t care if he costs Biden the White House and seems fine with that if it helps his pal Trump. “I’m not denying it; I just told you,” he told Fortune.

Let’s get ready to kick Trump’s ass out of the White House. Click here to donate and get involved with Biden’s campaign.

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