Ben Shapiro's attempt to create a 'conservative Hollywood' will fail, like those that came before it

Every year, there’s an anti-Hollywood screed from the right that bemoans the plethora of late-night comics, movies, and television series that have a “liberal” slant. Usually, this just means having diverse casts, positive anti-hate messages, or a low tolerance for actors who are openly bigoted. This year is no different. The new phrase the right wing has latched onto this year is “cancel culture.” In other words, if you call someone out for their open-hatred of other people, they claim you are really attacking them for being Republican.

Conservatives trying to create an alternate Hollywood isn’t anything new, as attempts come every so often. After speaking at the 2016 RNC, a divorce, and a failed run for Congress, Antonio Sabato, Jr. claims he was forced to move to Florida to work construction. The ‘90s soap star and former underwear model announced plans to establish a right-wing studio after he was allegedly “blacklisted.”

He’s not alone. Despite having extensive family connections in Hollywood, Ben Shapiro is a failed screenwriter. In a January announcement dripping in resentment, Shapiro declared his Daily Wire website will move into the entertainment business. In February, Shapiro then made a large production of supporting and hiring Gina Carano, who was fired and dropped by her agent after making transphobic and anti-Semitic posts on social media.

Yet the real reason conservatives are obsessed with creating their own Hollywood has absolutely nothing to do with their supposed grievance of being “canceled” for their beliefs. Shapiro’s sad attempt to create entertainment will fail spectacularly, just like all the previous conservative attempts to hijack the culture with their unique brand of hatred. These efforts will always fail, and you will soon see why.

  • March 5, 2021