Behold! The dumbest tweet in the history of tweets!

Diamond & Silk are … I really don’t know what. Whatever you call people on the internet who attract a lot of attention for saying stupid things. Give me a break. I’m high. I had to smoke weed before writing this so I could hope to get through it.

But they’re something or other. And they just created a Fantasia-like display of stupidity that will make you shit your pants with wonder.

I mean, if you want to quickly lose IQ points, choose between reading this tweet and drinking a liter of methanol. But don’t do both. Oh, no. You’d way, way overshoot your target. As it is, your IQ will drop faster than a McNugget riding a ranch sauce luge down the oiled, bulbous slopes of Donald Trump’s ruddy, stubbly torso.

I mean, this tweet suggests superheroic levels of stupidity — as if both these women had been bitten by a radioactive Eric Trump.


Got it?

Pelosi says words are racist so we can’t have dictionaries. Because they have words in them. Racist words. And racism is bad. — Q.E.D., shithead.

Incidentally, Trump loves these two. Because of course he does.

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