The bum’s rush to Biden after he won a SINGLE primary (in his entire career) that he was expected to win, with every possible institutional advantage, in a conservative state may be incredibly dangerous.  Let me offer a few “what happens if” scenarios that I think are very plausible.

1) Biden collapses (metaphorically) during a debate. Nobody has pushed Biden yet not matter what anybody says. On March 15 he will take the stage with either just Bernie, Bernie and Warren, or Bernie, Warren and Bloomberg. In any case I believe Bloomberg will be toast by that point. Bernie will go directly after Biden. I don’t know where Warren will be, but I hope she will show what Biden will be like under the harsh glare of sustained attack. Warren, as we have seen, can be surgical in her dissection of candidates. She will have nothing to lose (coming across as not likable, Heavens to Betsy!!!)  Maybe Biden will rise to the occasion. He was unable to do so in the past when running on all cylinders.  Everybody is hiding his weaknesses. My God he made up a story about Nelson Mandela and it was instantly buried. The Trump people will not bury it.

2) Biden survives the debate but does not get as many delegates as Bernie. If they turn around and give the nomination to Biden anyway all hell will break lose. It will break the democratic party in ways that cannot be healed. Youth will feel they have been conned and there will be growing animosity if not outright hatred of the democratic party leadership. Trump will play this up, egging those who feel they have been robbed of their voice on. While I don’t think they will listen to him I think there will be devastation and depression among the Sanders people. They may be so angry they refuse to vote. How many times have you done something self-destructive because you were overwhelmed by anger and or hatred? It is human nature. Any therapist would tell you to avoid this type of situation. The convention will descend into chaos.

3) Biden is able to get more delegates. Everybody has been hiding Biden’s flaws. Nobody will be hiding them in the general elections. It will be 24/7 Hunter Biden and the press who is pushing Biden so hard now will be willing enablers (and ask “why did the democrats choose such a flawed candidate?”). It will be a replay of “but her emails.” People will be furious democrats made the same mistake twice. Baggage is baggage and it will not go away. Plus if history is any guide Biden will make up stories. The Trumpers will not allow him to bury them. His excellent adventure with Mandela will come back with a vengeance, along with at least a few other horrible examples.  Again, anger will overwhelm anything.

4) Biden gets elected president and becomes a caretaker. Marginal development in healthcare. No student debt relief. Bankers are still in charge. There will be a continuous state of dissent that will boil over in 2022.

I actually cannot see anything good from this rush to Biden. The best case scenario, and as far as anybody has thought, we beat Trump. We took a handful of aspirin and brought down the fever. But when the sickness comes back it will be far worse and uglier.

I feel like I am watching a slow motion train wreck. I feel the same as when everybody was rushing us into the Iraq war. It was obviously a horrible mistake yet there was no way to stop it because everybody agreed, we must invade. And the people at the heart of this will again pay no price, except the possibility of losing everything if our society dissolves.

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