Be Sure To Vote For Warren In DFA's Presidential Endorsement Poll (Voting Ends Tomorrow Night!)

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:

Whether you live in South Carolina or not, you can still vote for your Presidential candidate today and help them win the DFA 2020 endorsement.

Bernie and Warren are crushing everyone else so far, but only you can decide who wins and if either of them can reach the super majority threshold of 67% of votes needed to lock it in.

Tomorrow night at midnight is the voting deadline. Don’t wait until the last moment. Vote now — then get out the vote of your friends, family and co-workers just like you would on Election Day.

We’ll announce the results on Monday, just in time for our support to have a big last minute impact on Super Tuesday.

If you’re wondering what that impact might look like, here’s some highlights of our work in 2016 after Bernie Sanders earned our endorsement with a massive outpouring of grassroots support from DFA members nationwide.

  • We raised over $2 million directly for the campaign.
  • We organized 119,000 volunteer shifts helping the campaign make over 11 million voter contact calls and knock on over 5 million doors.
  • We embedded DFA staff at Bernie HQ, trained dozens of campaign staff and optimized the campaign’s volunteer recruitment and training of thousands of activists across the country.
  • We made dozens of critical media hits from CNN to the New York Times supporting and defending Bernie while keeping the focus on our positive progressive vision for America.

Now in 2020, we’re ready to do it again for the candidate who earns a super majority of support from DFA members in our endorsement poll before the deadline Sunday night at midnight.

Cast your vote right now.

Just like in a real election, it’s worth it to work hard and maximize support for your candidate to make sure they win. So make sure to ask your friends, family and other like-minded progressives to cast their votes for your candidate as well — on Facebook, Twitter, over email, on the phone, or however you want to spread the word!

To be clear, there is at least one big difference between our endorsement vote and a real election: if you voted already, but want to change your vote, go ahead and just vote again. You get one vote total, but only your most recent vote counts.

The race for the nomination is about to go into overdrive.

Thank you for everything your doing to make sure a progressive wins.


Charles Chamberlain, Chair
Democracy for America

Click here to cast your vote.

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