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Bankrupt Trumpism's hallucinatory anti-leftism arrives as a 20th Amendment solution on March 4

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Before 1937, inaugural day wasn’t until March 4. Back in the day we would’ve been facing 6 more weeks of Trump.

Apparently, many QAnon supporters believe that Donald Trump has secretly continued to act as President while Joe Biden pretends to be President for the public. Similarly, Tom “Lando” Cotton spews disinformation:

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933

This quote from Ron DeSantis perfectly captures the bankruptcy of Trumpism’s hallucinatory anti-leftism:

“We can have academic debates about conservative policy. But the question is, when the left comes after you: Will you stay strong, or will you fold?”…

Biden and Dems have an opening to create a new synthesis: Ambitious progressive economics (infrastructure!) combined with boldness on issues Dems often fear (immigration, climate).Biden’s comments on Amazon unionization fit into this:(w/@jbouie)…


Remember when Bannon vowed a huge infrastructure package that would launch an “entirely new political movement”? Now conservative populist heroes like Josh Hawley and Tucker Carlson spend their time spinning nonsense to rationalize Trump’s insurrection:…


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Because calling for and acting on the hanging of the sitting Vice President is domestic terrorism.

FBI Director Chris Wray says the deadly attack on the US #Capitol on Jan 6 by supporters of then-President #DonaldTrump was “domestic terrorism.”

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