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Banana Republicans

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To define exactly what I mean:

Banana Republicans:
An exploitative party that functions purblindly, often reliant upon and  disproportionately benefiting a corrupt individual with the aim of installing an authoritarian regime characterized by corruption and economic exploitation.

Texas AG Ken Paxton’s longshot suit asks high court to negate 10M votes in Georgia, Penn., Michigan and Wisconsin. Ted Cruz agreed to argue the case for Trump.

Ted Cruz I understand, dumb as a box of rocks and self-serving as ever.

How the hell did 17 Republican AGs get roped into the Texan AG’s farcical proposal?

I mean Trump is already losing at a rate of 50:1 so at this point  one more loss means nothing at all.

They want to cancel 10 million votes? I know Republicans always enjoyed “voter Suppression” but this smacks of a coup attempt.

Long shot? I hope SCOTUS show this all the respect it deserves, the trash can, if they even hear it some justification to this coup attempt is given.

Republican and Democrat Party members are already receiving death threats in the swing states.

How many more death threats will this generate?

How many more armed thugs will this encourage?

They are playing with fire but others are going to get burnt.

We will see how many cowardly Republican Senators and Representatives rally to the cause of the insane one.

50 States have already certified the results.

There has been zero evidence of any manipulation of the vote presented, ZERO.

I for one will never forget this seditious behavior.

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