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Bambi and Mother? Melania and the GOP battle for the suburbs

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Tonight’s RNC celebrates America as the land of opportunity where at least one speaker wants to reduce votes to households rather than adult individuals (because men would be best able to allocate that), and the RNC “cancelled” a speaker who promoted a tweet supporting the Elders of Zion. Maybe it’s the land of opportunists, because the RNC has been quite a telethon.

What else could happen tonight (no, I won’t watch, I’ll wait for whatever weirdness others find)


Melania Trump was originally allowed to stay in the United States because of a visa typically restricted to use by those with “extraordinary abilities.” (insert your own guess as to what those are__________)




— Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 (@DemWrite) August 25, 2020


— VoteVets (@votevets) August 25, 2020


— Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) August 25, 2020

But there was another audience in play: White voters who don’t want to believe they are voting for a racist. Even less do they want to believe they themselves are racist. Again, from my conversations with voters, I find a lot of folks who are torn between disgust at continued examples of excessive police violence, and pushback against the idea that American racism goes bone-deep. Strong messages from people of color absolving Trump — and the nation — were aimed directly at those White voters, to help them feel better about voting again for Trump.…


— Allison Gill (@allisongill) August 25, 2020

Fighting suburban females


— Joanie Loves Fauci (@MrErikJackson) August 25, 2020


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