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Bad news for Trump: survey shows African-Americans energized to vote in 2020

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Of course, Donald Trump famously said he’d get 95 percent of the black vote in 2020. Then again, Donald Trump says a lot of things. Almost none of them are true.

A new survey from Third Way and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies reveals that 57 percent of black voters who identify as strong Democrats are more energized to vote in 2020 than they were in the last election, while 34 percent who said they have weak ties to the Democratic Party say the same.

And why are black voters more eager to vote next year? Could it be that they don’t believe Donald Trump when he says he’s the least racist person you’ll ever meet? Weird how that works.

The Hill:

Still, the Third Way study found that a plurality of all black voters, 40 percent, said they’re primarily motivated to vote because “Donald Trump has been a disaster for our country and we need to do everything we can to vote him out.”

Sixty-two percent of black voters said that Democrats understand their lives, while only 13 percent said the same of Trump and the Republicans.

And while black voters may be less inclined to believe Trump when he claims to have rescued the economy that Barack Obama actually pulled out of the smoldering shit-crater that was W.’s presidency (because they’re likely more attuned to white people taking the credit for black people’s accomplishments and have seen this story hundreds of times before), Trump will try to go to that well throughout the coming year. But if this survey is any indication, it probably won’t go as planned:

Trump intends to make the economy a centerpiece of his reelection efforts, but the Third Way study found that only 22 percent of black Americans said their finances have improved, while 50 percent said they’ve stayed the same and 27 percent said they’re worse.

Eighty-six percent of black Americans said the cost of living is going up faster than their wages.

Oh, and then there’s the little matter of overt racism:

[A] strong majority of black voters say racial relations have deteriorated under Trump, with 80 percent saying that Trump’s election has made people with racist views more likely to speak out. Fifty-five percent said they face more racism in their daily lives than they used to.

Other conclusions of the survey?

  • 76 percent of respondents said they’re “almost certain” to vote in 2020, while only 5 percent said they won’t vote.
  • 45 percent said they’re more interested in voting in 2020 as opposed to 2016, while 5 percent said they’re less interested and 40 percent said their interest is the same.
  • 87 percent said that Donald Trump and congressional Republicans understand their lives and their family members’ lives “not too well” (20 percent) or “not well at all” (67 percent).

Really? Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump don’t understand the everyday lives of African-Americans? I must hie to my fainting couch, anon!

This looks like good news to me, but none of it will matter if we don’t all do our part. And that means getting out the vote and doing everything we possibly can to remove the orange shitstain from the fabric of our lives in 2020.

Let’s make New Year’s Day 2021 the best one ever, shall we?

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