The Trump hoards hungry for Trump twitter nonsense got bombarded with over 20 retweets this evening as Trump’s last pre-briefing tweet touted his ratings. Bad Barnum will have more animal cruelty as he will promote some Easter stunt.



And when the museum became dangerously overcrowded on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, that still wasn’t enough to stop Barnum packing in more punters.

He ordered his sign painter to write ‘To The Egress’ in large letters above a door, knowing full well most visitors would not recognise the last word.

Assuming it was an animal they had not seen before, they flocked through their door, only learning that egress meant exit when they found themselves standing in a New York back street.


Yet Michael Gracey, who directed The Greatest Showman, made a passionate defence of PT Barnum.

“He started cynically by wanting to make money,” said Gracey. “He later realised he’d made a family. He took these people who were invisible to society and made them stars.”…

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