Donald Trump

Most of us saw or heard the campaign ads for the gubernatorial race for Florida. Ron DeSantis, dressing his infant daughter in MAGA motif pajamas, helping her with border wall building blocks, and reading her a faux bedtime story about the fanciful mind of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the internal xenophobic and racial politics of Florida coupled with what turned out to be a weak Democratic opponent [Andrew Gillum] allowed Mr. DeSantis to assume residence in the State House.  

Democrats pointed fingers and laughed at DeSantis’ attempts to be the baby shark. Most Democrats, including myself, were operating under the impression that eventually, America would wake up from the hypnosis of the uneasiness of no-nothingness. What liberals did not count on was that Trumpism was not confined to the corrupt mind of one man, it is a plague that for years has infected the GOP like a zombie cult. Republicans straightened their spines for the last time in 1974 and marched to the White House, demanding Richard Nixon resign. Since that point, it has been a parade of eye-covering toadies and bootlickers, avoiding the vision of their naked emperors.  

Republican president Ronald Reagan imbued the words “plausible deniability” into the lexicon by turning his back on drug trading for arms. His successor George H.W. Bush denied any complicity only later to be discovered, was a part of the cover-up. President George [the Junior] orchestrated a 20-year middle eastern war based on a deliberate lie and led America and the world to the brink of permanent financial disaster. The lies and transgressions committed by the Trump administration were so numerous it would take a Ph.D. dissertation to deconstruct his venality.

Democrats, it seems get the unenviable job of following the parade of elephants with pooper-scoopers to clean the stench. Clinton, Obama, and now Biden respectively righted America’s budget deficit, gave us healthcare and stability, and stopped the onslaught of an out-of-control virus. Yesterday, Gov. DeSantis used as part of his reasoning for defunding any Florida public school district that institutes a mask mandate was that he wanted to see his kid smile;  “I have young kids. My wife and I are not going to do the mask thing with the kids,” DeSantis said. “We never have. I want to see my kids smiling. I want them having fun,” said DeSantis speaking at the ironically named restaurant, Two Meatballs in the Kitchen.  

Mr. DeSantis unquestionably has his eye on the White House, originally buying into the Trump denials of the seriousness of Covid-19. Mr. Trump who once said he knew more than his military generals, defiantly ripped off his mask after a Covid-19 hospitalization that we now know could have cost him his life. So now, Mr. DeSantis has decided he knows more than the scientific generals and is ripping the mask off Florida’s children. Gov. DeSantis who touts the rights of capitalists to operate without government interference has injected himself into the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream boycott of Israel. Despite what you may think of Ben & Jerry’s political move, they are a private company, Ron.  

DeSantis’ said after a visit to the  Pulse Memorial that an executive order was not needed to protect the LGBTQIA community, “… I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me to do that. It’s in my best interest to do that.” That philosophy does not apply, apparently, for the protection of our kids; baby Trump, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo…

Florida, Continue to Vote for Change.      

  • August 4, 2021