Dumb ass:

Rep. Paul Gosar boosted a tweet Thursday from a conservative Arizona comedian who outlined a false conspiracy of how he thinks Democrats stole Arizona's 2018 Senate race won by Kyrsten Sinema.

Gosar, R-Ariz., used his personal Twitter account to amplify the fringe view of a man who only identifies himself on social media as the “Rageaholic.”

Gosar said the rant “does a supreme job of taking apart (now-Sen. Martha McSally's) 2018 loss and how ballot fraud stole her victory. Listen and understand why the left wants mail in ballots nationally and how easy it is to steal votes.”

Next he’s going to try and claim that Democrats stole the election again from McSally in 2020:

Democrats Joe Biden and Mark Kelly are doing “darn good” in Arizona in recent jaw-dropping polls.

The most stunning boost went to Kelly with a 17-point lead over Republican Sen. Martha McSally in a Fox News poll of Arizona conducted Aug. 29-Sept. 1.

A 17-point November win would be a landslide victory over Trump die-hard McSally. Predictably, Republicans are downplaying the poll, saying that kind of a lead can’t possibly be true and are guessing other surveys would show a narrow Kelly lead.

Meanwhile, McSally has gone full “fight me, you coward” mode:

With the clock ticking and desperation growing, Sen. Martha McSally on Tuesday challenged Mark Kelly to debate her before a national audience.

McSally has teamed up with two other incumbent Republican senators, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, to challenge their opponents to debate on CNN.

“Mark is hiding from his record and radical positions because he knows how far out of step he is with Arizonans,” McSally said, in a release. “I’m starting to think he might be scared of debating a girl.”

He’s not:

“He’s hiding in a bunker. Nobody knows what his positions are on things. I have a voting record. It’s very clear.”

A spokesman for Kelly’s campaign said the two sides have agreed to participate in two debates — one hosted by The Arizona Republic and one hosted by Univision.

“Mark looks forward to debating Sen. McSally, ensuring Arizonans know about her record of voting to gut protections for preexisting conditions and his plans to be an independent senator for Arizona,” Kelly’s campaign said in a statement to KTAR News.

Here’s another reason why McSally wants to debate Kelly on CNN; Trump’s giving up on Arizona:

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is going off Arizona airwaves after the Labor Day holiday, and may not resume television advertising in the Grand Canyon State until early voting begins in early October.

On Thursday, records filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Phoenix-area television stations showed that the Trump campaign cancelled all of its ads between Sept. 8 and Sept. 14. The air time totaled approximately $580,000 in the Phoenix media market, which includes most of the state except for the areas surrounding Tucson and Yuma.

A campaign spokeswoman confirmed Trump was suddenly going dark in a state where he has consistently trailed Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the polls — a state that has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once since 1948.

Let’s keep up the momentum to flip Arizona Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Kelly, Biden and their fellow Arizona Democrats campaigns:

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