Received this e-mail from People for the American Way in support of Mark Kelly’s (D. AZ) U.S. Senate campaign:

The latest poll out of Arizona has Democrat Mark Kelly — the former astronaut and husband of former-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords — leading Trump's Republican Senator Martha McSally by 50-44!

But this marks an improvement since the last poll by McSally, who has cut the gap in HALF, and now the difference is dangerously close to the margin of error!

AND, on top of that, according to DNC chair Tom Perez, “a Mitch McConnell-supporting super PAC just booked $67 million in ads to keep  hold of his Republican Senate majority!”

Our Take Back the Senate Fund needs an immediate infusion of $14,470 before our weekend deadline if we're going to keep pace with our must-hit budget to flip this and other Republican Senate seats!

Can you please chip in immediately to defeat McSally and FLIP control of the U.S. Senate?

We're pleading with our best members like you to make sure that we bury Trump Republican senators by exposing their pro-Trump extremism, their assault on Americans' rights by confirming an unprecedented number of  Trump's unfit judicial nominees, and their failure of leadership at every turn (including in our current crisis).

McSally was one of the first Republican Senators to rush to Donald Trump's defense when the impeachment inquiry was announced.

She blasted Democrats for creating a “distraction” and saying they were on a “kamikaze mission” … but even as the evidence mounted and support for Trump's impeachment and removal grew, McSally continued to act as one of Trump's biggest lackeys!

We need to beat McSally and just 3 more Republicans to Take Back the Senate!


Chip in now to our Take Back the Senate Fund to defeat Martha McSally and FLIP control of the U.S. Senate!!!>>

Arizona is a key 2020 swing state and this Senate race could determine majority control of the chamber — we could finally END Mitch McConnell's GOP Majority!!!

We're mobilizing ALL of our groundbreaking electoral programs in this critical 2020 target state, but only if we can fund them — and pulling back now, when we have this new (and amazing!) momentum could spell disaster for our chances to Take Back the Senate.

Winning this race in Arizona is NECESSARY to flip control of the Senate and END Mitch McConnell's Republican Majority!

We need  to keep a spotlight on McSally's disastrous record of attacking health care, covering for Trump, destroying the independence of our federal judiciary, and more.

Please chip in now to flip this seat and Take Back the Senate!

Thank you for all you do!


Click here to donate to Kelly’s campaign.

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