Ex-Navy SEAL, Eli Crane, is also the CEO of the Arizona-based company, Bottle Breacher. He’s also been featured on Shark Tank and is also in U.S. Senator Martha McSally’s (R. AZ) latest re-election ad. Now here’s something you may not know:

What the ad doesn't mention is the fact that Crane, who makes occasional appearances on Fox News, peddles in a variety of controversial opinions, from defending other veterans accused of heinous war crimes to seemingly dismissing the public health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crane did not respond to New Times' multiple requests for comment. Caroline Anderegg, a spokesperson for McSally's reelection campaign, also did not respond to requests for comment — including questions about whether the senator agreed with Crane's controversial views.

In 2018, he authored an editorial for Breitbart, a right-wing news outlet, in which he defended waterboarding,  a highly controversial interrogation technique where water is poured over a cloth covering a captive's face to simulate the experience of drowning.

The Phoenix New Times also provided a YouTube video of Crane pushing COVID-19 conspiracy theories:

Republicans are getting so nervous about this race that they are resorting to harassing Mark Kelly (D. AZ):

Jacob Peters, a Kelly campaign spokesman, told The Republic the middle-aged men at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday appeared at the home Kelly, an Arizona Democrat, shares with his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

They wanted to talk to Kelly.

They identified themselves as members of Project Veritas, known for gaining access under false pretenses, and for releasing deceptively edited videos. They would not leave, even when told Kelly was unavailable, and stayed for at least 30 minutes, Peters said.

“They refused to leave Mark and Gabby’s front door for more than thirty minutes and it took repeated requests to get them to step away and leave the property,” Peters said in a written statement. “They set up a camera and recorded something from the front driveway before eventually leaving.”

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