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AZ-Sen: McSally (R), “GOP would never get the Senate back if D.C. and Puerto Rico were states”

I have no problem with that:

In an interview with NBC News, the Republican senator speculated that Democrats would seek to make the nation’s capital and Puerto Rico full U.S. states with Senate and House representation, a move she said would permanently prevent Republican control of the Senate.

“If they win the White House, the Senate, the House, they’re already saying they’re going to ram through the most radical agenda in American history,” McSally said.

“There’s so much at stake here. They’re going to make D.C. and Puerto Rico a state and get four new Democrat Senators. We’d never get the Senate back again. And look, this is just the implications of this seat, the implications of this vote,” the senator added.

Steve Benen at MSNBC nails it:

At the heart of McSally’s message is an attempt to nationalize her race, trying to convince voters in her traditionally “red” state to see the contest from a vastly larger perspective. To hear the senator tell it, this isn’t just a contest about two candidates, or even a campaign about Arizona’s specific needs. Rather, voters should elect her in order to maintain a Republican majority in the Senate.

And why should that be a principal public priority? Because as McSally sees it, a Democratic majority would lead more Americans to have representation in Congress — an outcome the Arizonan apparently believes would be a disaster for her political party.

The list of problems with such a posture is not short. For example, senators generally don’t base their appeal on denying Americans a voice on Capitol Hill.

By the way, Emerson College Polling released their Arizona poll yesterday:

In the latest Emerson College poll of Arizona, former Vice President Joe Biden is at 49%, with a four-point lead over incumbent President Trump who is at 45%. Five-percent (5%) of voters are still undecided, and among them, 74% are leaning towards Biden, while 26% are leaning towards Trump.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters in the state plan to vote by mail. Among them, 63% plan to vote for Biden, and 30% plan to vote for Trump. Among the 35% of voters that plan to vote in-person, Trump leads with 75% of the vote.

Trump’s approval in the state is underwater, with 46% approval and 51% disapproval.

In the election for US Senate, Democratic challenger Mark Kelly has a double-digit lead over Martha McSally, 52% to 41%. Seven-percent (7%) of voters are still undecided.

Democratic congressional candidates have a slight advantage in the state at this point, as 46% say they will support the Democratic party candidate in their district for US Congress, while 41% will support the Republican party candidate. The remaining 13% of voters have yet to decide for whom they will vote for.

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