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Arizona Republican senator and former Air Force combat pilot Martha McSally once published an academic paper in which she said military servicewomen should be counseled against the “foolishness of entering into a lifetime commitment (motherhood)” to avoid deployment, and called for the Pentagon to repeal the policy that allows women to use pregnancy as an excuse to “skirt” their commitment.

The article, titled “Women in Combat: Is the Current Policy Obsolete?” appeared in a 2007 edition of the Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy. At the time, McSally, the first female combat pilot in U.S. history — and the first-ever losing Senate candidate to immediately receive a Senate seat — was pursuing a second graduate degree at Air War College.

She later expanded on the article in a lecture at the Duke University School of Law, which hosts a full video on its website. A clip about the pregnancy issue can be seen here.

Here’s the actual quote from McSally’s paper:

The Department of Defense should rescind the policy that allows servicewomen to skirt their commitment to the military due to pregnancy. It must also create a climate where commanders are encouraged to counsel military women on their responsibilities to not plan a pregnancy during deployment vulnerability times or when serving in jobs where pregnancy would prohibit them from conducting their primary duties.

This isn’t the only thing McSally has been getting slammed for. Aaron Marquez, a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, released this scathing op-ed about McSally’s loyalty to Trump in the Tucson Weekly:

When the New York Times reported that Russia was paying Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers I was not surprised. Sadly, I was also not surprised to learn that President Trump and the White House’s National Security Council have done nothing in response.

Russia is our adversary, virtually every elected member of Congress agrees on that. We can’t trust them, and we know they want to undermine our democracy. That’s why Congress sanctioned Russia for meddling in the 2016 election.

Congress, in the House and the Senate, needs to conduct a full investigation to understand the breakdowns at the highest level of our government that have failed to protect American troops serving overseas.

Martha McSally, a fellow veteran who was appointed to the late John McCain’s U.S. Senate seat, was asked about the New York Times report earlier this week, and her response was shocking and offensive.

McSally told the Arizona Republic “ I’m just concerned about the leaking here and the politicization of it.”

The leaking? The politicization?

Senator McSally, how about you show some concern for your brothers and sisters in combat who are putting their lives on the line to create a safer world? How about you show some anger over a president and an administration who will turn a blind eye to naked aggression from a nation you yourself have called one of America’s top adversaries? How about you recognize that as a U.S. Senator you have the power to do something about it? Stand up to the President and call for the Senate investigation.

Speaking of which:


Retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, the Democratic Senate candidate in Arizona, called for an investigation into the handling by President Donald Trump and his administration of intelligence reports suggesting Russia offered bounties for murdering U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

Kelly said the administration must answer for the allegations, which, if true, represent a significant escalation in the challenges the U.S. has had with Russia in the Middle East.

Kelly, a former Navy fighter pilot, told The Arizona Republic this week the United States must determine who authorized the bounties, determine their motivations, and then evaluate the reportedly differing views by American intelligence agencies about the information.

“We can't allow the Russian intelligence agency to take these kinds of actions and then as a nation not respond,” he said. “We've got to have the backs of our troops, especially when they are in a combat theater.”

Kelly called for a proportional response against Russia, perhaps in the form of economic action or sanctions. His comments Thursday followed his previous statements that called the alleged bounties “staggering.”

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