AZ-Sen: Martha McSally (R) Praises John McCain But Is Too Chicken S*** To Rebuke Trump's Attacks


Arizona Sen. Martha McSally (R) offered praise for the late Sen. John McCain in response to Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against him but stopped short of condemning the president’s behavior directly.

McSally, who holds McCain’s former U.S. Senate seat, tweeted on Wednesday that she’s thankful for the late senator’s “service and legacy to our country and Arizona” and called him an “American hero” ― a title Trump has repeatedly said he questions whether McCain deserves.

“Everyone should give him and his family the respect, admiration, and peace they deserve,” McSally tweeted.

McCain, a decorated Navy veteran who was a prisoner of war for more than five years during the Vietnam War, died in August 2018 after being diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year earlier.

McSally’s compliments came two days after Trump told reporters at the White House that he was “never a fan” of McCain and “never will be.” On Sunday, he also attempted to soil McCain’s legacy on Twitter, referring to him as “last in his class” McCain.

McSally has to face the voters again next year and she already has a strong opponent in former Astronaut, Mark Kelly (D. AZ). Let’s put another real hero in McCain’s old seat. Click here to donate and get involved with Kelly’s campaign.