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AZ-Sen: Mark Kelly (D) Mounts Pressure On Congress To Fully Fund The VA

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Received this e-mail today from Mark Kelly’s (D. AZ) U.S. Senate campaign:

We are honored to announce that Mark has earned the endorsement of Arizona veterans from across the state.

As a country, we have to keep our promises to our veterans. Veterans have served our country, sacrificed and risked their lives for our safety and the safety of our families. They have earned the benefits they were promised.

From the G.I. Bill, to healthcare from the VA, we need benefits that work for those who served. That includes aging and injured veterans who need prompt, quality health care, and young veterans looking to translate the skills they learned from their service into a good-paying job.

This is something Mark is passionate about and ready to fight for in the Senate. If you’re ready to support America’s veterans with Mark, we have something you can do right now:

Add your name to our petition to call on Congress to fully fund the VA and keep our promise to veterans. They’ve risked their lives for our safety, so ensuring they get the prompt care they receive when they return home is the least we can do.

Our country needs a culture of accountability at the VA – a focus on each veteran as an individual. If a veteran can’t get the care they need in a timely manner from the VA, they should be able to go out and see a doctor. But privatizing the VA is not the answer.

Our mission isn’t over until every veteran is treated with respect and receives the benefits they’ve earned. These benefits help our veterans succeed, and that makes us a better nation.

So thank you in advance for signing on and joining Mark in this mission to support our veterans.

Full speed ahead,

Team Kelly

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