AZ-Sen: Mark Kelly (D) Is Pushing Congress To Get Serious About Tackling Climate Change


Received this e-mail today from Mark Kelly’s (D. AZ) U.S. Senate campaign:

According to a recently released report, climate change could pose a serious threat by 2050.

The report paints a bleak future where food production is threatened, billions of people are displaced, and some of the world's most populous cities are left partially abandoned.

Unfortunately, we have a Congress that is letting us down. Their failure to act is a price we will all have to pay in the years and generations ahead.

This is why we need to elect people like Mark to the Senate who are serious about addressing issues like climate change. So if you’re ready to join us in this fight, sign on today and make your voice heard:

If you’re ready for Congress to get serious about climate change, sign our petition and join Mark. This is an issue that deserves our full attention, future generations are counting on us to act.

Make no mistake, our planet is sending us a message. One we cannot afford to ignore. And one we know isn’t going to fix itself.

We need your support so we can restore some common sense and a strong reliance on science and facts back to Congress.

Thank you for taking climate change seriously.

Team Kelly

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