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AZ-Sen: CNN Poll Has Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) Beating Rep. Martha McSally (R) 51-47

More good news out of Arizona courtesy of CNN’s latest poll:

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's lead over Republican Martha McSally in the Arizona Senate race has narrowed, from a 7-point advantage in September to a 51% to 47% split now — a divide that is within the poll's margin of sampling error.

In mid-September, a sizable 17% of likely voters said they hadn't yet made up their minds about this critical Senate contest, that's now dropped to just 5%. As voters have shifted, McSally gained ground on Sinema among women (while Sinema's support has held roughly even at 56%, McSally has climbed from 35% to 41% among women voters) and among independents (a 49% Sinema to 39% McSally divide in September stands at 52% Sinema to 44% McSally now).

As the campaign there has turned sharply negative, both candidates have seen their unfavorability ratings rise, with the percentage saying they have an unfavorable view of each candidate climbing 11 points. Views of Sinema remain more positive than negative (49% favorable to 41% unfavorable) while voters tilt narrowly negative on McSally (44% favorable to 47% unfavorable).

Let’s keep up the momentum and have the Blue Wave hit Arizona hard. Click below to get involved with Sinema and her fellow Arizona Democrats campaigns:

Kyrsten Sinema for Senate

David Garcia for Governor

January Contreras for Attorney General

Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress

Greg Stanton for Congress

Hiral Tiperneni for Congress