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AZ-Sen: Betsy DeVos' Family Really Wants To Keep Martha McSally (R) In The U.S. Senate

Just going to leave this here:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ family members spent $22,400 so far this year to help fund Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally’s re-election prospects, according to federal campaign finance data released this week.

DeVos’ in-laws — Michigan conservative donors and heirs to the Amway fortune — have plowed cash into the coffers of Republican Senate candidates across the country who are up for re-election in 2020, the records show.

DeVos’ husband, Dick, has three siblings — Doug, Daniel and Suzanne — each of whom contributed $5,600 to McSally’s campaign in March. Doug’s wife, Maria DeVos, also contributed $5,600 to the campaign. That’s the maximum contribution allowed per election cycle under federal election law.

Arizona Republicans know that this race is going to be a hard, super competitive race, especially with former Astronaut Mark Kelly (D. AZ) in the race. Luckily, groups like VoteVets are going all in to help Kelly defeat McSally:

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to make a contribution to VoteVets. Give me a chance to explain why this request is so important:

We just got done reviewing the results of our 2020 House/Senate priorities survey, and a few things are clear:

  • You are really focused on taking back the Senate
  • Beating Mitch McConnell is at the top of your priority list
  • And electing Mark Kelly is not far behind

Now here’s the part where we explain why your donation is so important.

In 2018, we spent more money than almost any outside organization. It’s a long list of spenders, and we were near the top. The others around us? Mostly Republicans. And those groups are going to spend what it takes to make sure your priorities never happen.

We will be there to fight back, but we cannot do this alone:

Make a $3 donation to VoteVets today and we’ll put your donation to work defeating Mitch McConnell and electing a Democratic Senate that includes Mark Kelly.

Your priorities are our priorities. So thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and for chipping in to help us see them through.

All my best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

Click here to donate to VoteVets efforts to help Kelly win.

Click here to get involved with Mark Kelly’s campaign.