Yes, David Axelrod is not running for higher office, but if ever a sellout needed to “busted” by the Purity Police, it is him.  From Charlie Pierce:

MasterClass, the online education company that enables anyone to learn from the best in the world, announced today that David Axelrod and Karl Rove, two of the most esteemed political strategists best known for respectively orchestrating winning presidential campaigns for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, are setting aside party affiliations to come together to teach the first MasterClass on campaign strategy and messaging. In this class, Axelrod and Rove will demystify the political campaign process and break down their philosophies on what it takes to plan and execute a winning campaign. The class is now available at Enrollment for the class is $90 for lifetime access, or $180 per year for the All-Access Pass, which grants unlimited access to all new and existing classes.

“It has never been more important to understand how this world of politics works and how to win the hearts and minds of voters,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “The class isn't about being a Democrat or Republican — it's about two of the best political minds of our generation teaching how to win elections. David and Karl break down their respective campaign strategies and debate what is happening in the country today, and how we got here.”

Charlie Pierce goes through some of Karl Rove’s political thuggery in this article.  

I’m not interested in reaching across the aisle to the likes of Karl Rove.  Does anyone think that Trump would not be here if George W. Bush had not been president?  And Axelrod is probably just doing what many other prominent Democrats have done:  cashing in. 

Why reward more so called Democrats who decide to cash in and do whatever for money?  And it appears that Axelrod is still pushing that Obama era BS about reaching across an aisle and finding common ground.  I have plenty of relatives and friends who are Trump supporters, and I do not discuss politics with them any more.  I send money to Democrats who will fight against the Trump agenda, and I will do what I can to help get out Democratic voters to defeat Republicans at the polls this midterm.  I’m not going to get my relatives and friends to vote for a Democrat.  I’m going to try and get their Trump supporting leaders removed from office.  Period.

Why get upset about Axelrod?  Because he was a mover and a shaker, and Axelrod is still held up by the political establishment as a “voice of reason.”  Assholes like Tweety Bird Matthews have had Axelrod on their shows to piss on progressives who complain about Trump.

Axelrod’s message does not resonate, nor is it applicable to our times.  Obama’s attempts at changing the culture of D.C. failed, and Axelrod is still pushing that loser political strategy.  Axelrod does not even believe in bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Fuck him.

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