Author/Educator Sedrick Keeler, Michael Moore on a landslide, Suburban women want Biden, & more.

Sedrick Keeler visits us with an urgent message for this election. Michael Moore is feeling positive. Suburban women are talking & more.

Sedrick Keeler speaks

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  • Fareed Zakaria contrasts China’s recovery from COVID to U.S. willful failure.
  • Mark Meadows makes it clear that the Trump admin will do nothing about COVID-19.
  • Here is today’s latest Trump super spreader event in Pennsylvania.
  • These suburban women make it clear why Biden is their choice.
  • Michael Moore nervous but thinks the landslide is on the horizon.
  • Dave Wasserman from Cook’s Political report has some bad news for Trump.
  • Sedrick Keeler, educator, activist, radio/media host, and author of the book “You Are Powerful.”

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