Attempts at Swift Boating Amy McGrath in KY-6th Congressional Race.

I admire veterans because they joined the military and served.  I did not serve because I didn’t have what it takes both mentally and physically, or at least I think so.  I don’t like admitting that, but there it is.

However, does it piss anyone else off when some veterans decide to attack their fellow veterans who just happen to be Democrats?  We are having some Swift Boating going on in the KY-6th Congressional Race:

Jim Lucas, an Army veteran from Berea, said he and a group of about six veterans plan to petition the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame to have her removed for allegedly misrepresenting her military record in campaign commercials. In particular, Lucas accused McGrath of “stolen valor” for creating the false impression that she piloted F-18 fighter jets into combat.

“We’re not doing this as a political thing,” said Lucas, a registered Republican. “We’re going to continue whether she gets elected or not.”

She said no such damn thing.  The article tries to be very careful and points out that some of McGrath’s supporters have got it wrong about her service, but no where does McGrath lie about her service, which is what these not “a political thing” veterans are saying.

Sounds like McGrath has gotten under the skin of Congressman Andy Barr and his allies.