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At least two of the immigrants naturalized during RNC didn't know they'd be political props

Imagine the moment you become a U.S. citizen being tarnished — and exploited — by Donald John Trump. And imagine you had no idea that was going to happen.

I feel lucky. When I became a citizen all they did was slap me really hard on the ass and lop off my foreskin without asking. I much preferred that.

The Week:

At least two of the immigrants who appeared in the naturalization ceremony that aired during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night didn't know until “a few minutes before” that President Trump would be involved, nor did they have any idea the footage was going to be part of the convention, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Sudha Narayanan, an Indian immigrant, and Neimat Awadelseid, a Sudanese immigrant, told the Journal they “didn't mind” being a part of the convention, only that they hadn't been told prior to the ceremony how it was being used. But critics, including Tim Miller, the political director for Republican Voters Against Trump, slammed the Trump campaign for using the ceremony for a political purpose, without the consent of the attendees. “He's exploiting these people at a ceremony that is sacred and fundamental to what makes this country great,” Miller said.

Good God, these people really have no shame. How many more sacred moments/places can they despoil with their ambition and lust for power? What a crass passel of assholes.

It’s nice that these immigrants “don’t mind” being exploited by the most anti-immigrant areshole on the planet, but I sure do.

And I assume you do, too.

Luckily, in November, you can make them pay.

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