At least the Columbus Police Department didn't draw a tiny mushroom

Whether it’s harassing Stormy Daniels to show their support of the previous guy or killing demonstrators, the Columbus Ohio police seem to have exceeded their authority. Skywriting seems a bit past the remit for a police agency that has three times more helicopters than the Chicago police.

Overnight, one of the Columbus Division of Police helicopters traced an, um, interesting route, circling over a neighborhood on the Southeast Side of the city and spelling out “CPD” in the air. (You can view the flight path here via FlightAware.)


The “joyride,” as it was described on Twitter by Columbus City Council president pro tempore Elizabeth Brown, has drawn wide criticism on social media today, with Brown writing that she was “beyond frustrated” with the flight path in light of a bill she proposed last summer to decrease the size of the city’s helicopter fleet by one. (The measure was eventually tabled after CPD argued the helicopters were essential.)


In June 2020, the Columbus Dispatch reported the city’s annual operational costs for the CPD helicopter fleet at $452,000 and fuel costs at $249,000.

In addition to the wasted dollars, several accounts on Twitter also noted that the flight path, including the skywriting portion of the trek, hewed strictly to predominantly Black neighborhoods.…




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