As with life, the illustrations of it are always problematic representations

Likely the RWNJ social media site Gab was constantly under FBI surveillance even before 6 January, but for some reason it wishes to make itself more well noticed.

The “free speech” social media siteGab …has earned a reputation in recent years for attracting members of the far-right and has been linked to the domestic terrorists responsible for the mass shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018.

Beleaguered social networking site Gab was breached on Monday, marking the second time in as many weeks that hackers have gained unauthorized access to a platform that caters to users pushing hate speech and pro-Trump conspiracy theories.

The compromise came to light after someone hijacked the account of Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba and left a post criticizing him for not paying an 8 bitcoin ransom for the safe return of documents used to verify the identity of some users. The unknown hacker also accused Torba of failing to disclose the full extent of the earlier breach.

Gab quickly took the site offline and removed the post, but not before it was archived here. When the service was restored a few hours later, Torba posted a statement saying that Monday’s breach was the result of site administrators failing to revoke OAuth2 bearer tokens, which browsers and mobile apps store after a user has successfully logged in to a site.…

Lower courts have ruled that the government can skirt the 5th Amendment’s takings clause if their actions are pursued under “police power.”


As with Charles Whitman and the tower, “The Eyes of Texas” are about oppression and surveillance only in broader, indirect associations, and celebrated so unironically as a matter of “free speech”, when the tune itself “I’ve been working on the railroad” is perhaps the more hackneyed element that should be revised.

  • March 9, 2021