I hope the news reports are quickly verified, and we can finally declare Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead. He ordered the enslavement of Yazidi girls, threw homosexuals off of buildings, and brutally tortured and massacred the local populace. I’ve wanted him dead for many years. 

If the initial reports are accurate, then the intelligence community that Trump derides and the military he abuses deserve most of the credit. However, Trump would definitely deserve credit as well for ordering the invasion.  

You see, if you kill terrorist leaders at the Commander-in-Chief, you get credit. It will be very interesting in the next few days to hear statements from several rightwing figures who refused to give any credit whatsoever to Obama for ordering the raid on Bin Laden.



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Speaking of which, if you have some time on your hands, please read about the Al Qaeda and ISIS leadership killed by Obama.

Yet while Trump will be demanding accolades from everyone for the next few weeks, it’s important to remember that ISIS detainees are currently escaping by the truckload thanks to Trump. Kurds guarding tens of thousands of ISIS prisoners captured by the Peshmerga are now fighting for their lives. Kurdish troops have been forced to flee or fight the Turks, and violent Turkish-backed insurgents have been slaughtering entire Kurdish families.

However, Trump somehow still expected Kurdish guards to stay at the camps under this assault that he green-lighted. He thought guards should remain at the prisons that are getting bombed or attacked.  They are guarding prisoners, mind you, that they captured for us.  

On top of that, ISIS has been trying for the past few years to break their fighters out of Kurdish jails. The bombing of the Kurds has now given ISIS several victories. In one case, 850 ISIS detainees were reported to have escaped from Ayn Issa camp in north Syria.  Multiple prison breaks have occurred and will continue.  

Although the killing of their leader will no doubt be demoralizing, even though he has mainly just been in hiding, it pales in comparison to Trump ordering the complete US withdrawal from that region.  ISIS’ infamous media operation has been framing it as a full retreat from what they call the ISIS insurgence. The Turks won’t fight ISIS and the Russians don’t care. It was the Kurds who routed them out at our urging. Don’t count on that again. 

Just as Bush was responsible for the creation of ISIS, with his decision to disband the Iraqi army coupled with putting the future ISIS leadership together at  Camp Bucca, Trump will be held responsible for their resurgence. When they fully come back, we won’t have any allies on the ground to help us this time.  

Nonetheless, I’m happy Trump ordered the raid to kill a man who was both our national enemy and a violent strongman. It’s about time. That’s a huge improvement over exchanging love letters, excusing their murders over breakfast, or asking to be their friend

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