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So, yeah, as you probably guessed, the MAGAs are maskless in Moronsylvania.

NBC News:

In conversations with dozens of Trump supporters lined up outside a convention center in downtown Tulsa to attend the president’s campaign rally on Saturday, many said they were not worried about contracting the illness and did not plan to follow strict precautions during the event. Many supporters also cast doubt on the severity of the outbreak and said that, regardless, they had a right to choose to put themselves at risk.

“I think [the coronavirus] has been hyped up more than it is.There’s flu, there’s cancer, there’s COVID-19,” said Mary Legan of Claremore, Oklahoma, adding that she brought a fanny pack full of hand sanitizer and masks for her and her husband, Ken. Neither were sure if they would wear masks the whole time while inside the arena, commenting on how uncomfortable they can be, especially when it is hot out.

“When you’re in your 70s, you can't go hide in your basement. You don't have that many more years,” Legan said. “If Trump felt comfortable having it here, then I’m comfortable.”

Sure, destroy the country and then just leave. We’ll tidy up after your Caligula rally. No problem. Thanks.

Also, Trump would feel comfortable building Soylent Green factories as long as he was a shareholder. Trump does not care about you. He’s deliberately exposing you to a death virus. How much more obvious can he make it?


Who’s that fucking nerd kid wearing a mask in that video? He better be some kind of fucking bubble boy or something, or we’re gonna shove that mask up his commie ass.


— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) June 20, 2020


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When did becoming a super-spreader disease vector suddenly become a “personal choice”? I might like to go through airport security without taking off my Wile E. Coyote rocket shoes, but for some reason the TSA says I can’t. 

Yeah, this is going to go swimmingly.

Maybe they’ll even start a MAGA mask bonfire. I would assume they’d start it outside somewhere, but then why be a little libtard snowflake who follows fire codes? Real Americans die needlessly to prove an asinine point tangentially connected to vague principles they can’t fully articulate. 

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