As GOP Dumps Cheney for Saying No Voter Fraud, Trump's AG Will Tell Congress…

No voter fraud!

Tomorrow (Wednesday), while the Cult of the Former Guy (a/k/a the Republican party) House members meet to excommunicate Liz Cheney from the leadership for the sin of heresy — as in, telling the truth that Former Guy lost fair and square, the Former Guy’s acting Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen, will be going to the Hill to tesify under oath that the Former Guy lost fair and square.

Trump’s acting attorney general to affirm there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020.

The top Justice Department official at the time of the Jan 6. attack on the Capitol is expected to tell lawmakers on Wednesday that the department saw no evidence to undercut President Biden’s election win, even as Republicans continue to question the results and use those doubts to underpin restrictive voting laws.

The Justice Department “had been presented with no evidence of widespread voter fraud at a scale sufficient to change the outcome of the 2020 election,” Jeffrey A. Rosen, who served as the acting attorney general for the final month of the Trump administration, said in a prepared statement to the House Oversight Committee.

If Trump weren’t infamous for not paying his bills, I’d want the carpet contract for Mar-a-Lago, because he must be chewing them to shreds.

  • May 11, 2021