Are some of the 65 women Kavanaugh didn't try to rape backing off their support?

Somehow, Republicans managed to produce a letter supporting Brett Kavanaugh almost instantly after attempted rape allegations against the Supreme Court nominee surfaced. Gee, it’s almost as if they’d heard this accusation before … and anticipated the reaction.

Anyway, the letter proved that there are at least 65 women on the planet whom Kavanaugh didn’t try to rape as a teenager, which a really obtuse person would take as evidence that he never tried to rape anyone. (Ted Bundy could have produced such a letter, of course. And Jeffrey Dahmer? Let’s hear from all the young men he never tried to eat.)

But now, as Kavanaugh’s nomination appears to be teetering on the precipice of doom, some of those 65 women are apparently clamming up.

From Politico:

Kavanaugh’s defenders as of Monday included five of the 65 high-school acquaintances who signed an open letter last week vouching for his character after the allegations were first reported.

“I stand by the letter I signed. I do not know this woman,” said Stephanie Conway McGill by email on Sunday, referring to Ford. Meghan McCaleb said: “I absolutely stand by the letter we signed.”

“I 100 percent stand behind my letter,” Julie DeVol, another of the women who signed the letter, told POLITICO Monday.

“I know him very well and I’m 100 percent behind him,” Suzanne Matan said in a brief interview.

“The Brett Kavanaugh I know is a good and decent person, and I have never seen him treat women with anything but respect,” Virginia Hume wrote on Twitter Monday.

So five still strongly support him, but …

More than two dozen of the women who signed onto the letter did not immediately respond when contacted by POLITICO about whether they still stood behind their defense of Kavanaugh. Two of the women who signed the letter declined to comment.

Maybe they just don’t want to talk to reporters, and that’s fair. But since they signed onto a very public letter, it’s hard to swallow the publicity-shy theory. It could also be that Christine Blasey Ford is looking increasingly credible and it’s suddenly dawning on these women that rapists don’t usually walk around town telling all the girls they like that they’re disgusting creeps.

Will Ford’s courageous actions save the republic from one of the worst Supreme Court nominees ever?

Let’s hope so. Stay tuned.


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