For the past two decades, there’s one thing the Florida Democrats have gotten really good at: losing. Despite having many more registered Democrats in this state than Republicans, our state government is the equivalent of ruby red Alabama, with only one statewide Democratic official—Secretary of Agriculture Nikki Fried. (Even Alabama, at least, has one Democratic senator.) The GOP has no business holding a complete trifecta in a state like Florida, but here we are.

The good news is that we are only three seats away from achieving a tie in our state senate. That would be huge, because it would ensure shared power for the 2020 redistricting effort and for setting legislative priorities. However, if we can’t get those three seats, Democrats won’t have any leverage. Coincidentally, there happens to be exactly three state senate races, which I wrote about last month, that would be excellent pickup opportunities this cycle. The problem is that only two of them—SD-9 (near Orlando) and SD-39 (South Florida)–are getting any real help from Democratic leadership.

The third race in SD-20 (near Tampa), however, is not.

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