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Appears God is Not Flooding Ark Encounter Theme Park With Visitors.

God/Yahweh has not blessed the Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky with a deluge of visitors.

The Ark Encounter sold a little more than 860,000 tickets between July 2017 and June 2018, according to open records obtained by The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes the separation of church and state.

When the park opened in 2016, park officials anticipated 1.4 million to 2.4 million yearly visitors.

Granted, they do not include in those ticket sales people who purchased lifetime passes and kids under the age of five enter the park for free.  However,

For attendance to be 1 million visitors at the ark park, 14 percent of all its attendance needs to be free or non-ticketed, according to The Freedom From Religion Foundation.

I don’t think any theme or amusement parks allow for 14% of the attendance to be free, or maybe I’m just a silly whabbitt.  And considering this whole scheme was pushed to make money and bring in jobs, jobs, jobs at some expense to Kentucky tax payers, you would think that the Ark Encounter would do as promised.  See, we in Kentucky gave $18 million in tax incentives to get this monstrosity built.

Yeah, this was started under Democratic Govenor Steve Beshear who was running for reelection.  Beshear signed off on this con job to get the fundamentalist vote in KY, which is more than a little significant I’m afraid.  After Beshear got reelected did he miraculously realize that the con artist behind the Ark Encounter was only hiring other Christian lunatics to staff it.  Beshear then pulled the plug.  Unforntunately, a federal judge OK’d the money to Ark Encounter in 2016, so here we are!

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And how is the return in our investment going with Ark Encounter?

After its first year, the Kentucky government cut the Ark Encounter a rebate check for $1.8 million.

“It is a shame that Matt Bevin and the Commonwealth of Kentucky continues to pay for this Christian ministry,” said Edwin Hensley, a co-organizer of Kentucky's Freedom From Religion Foundation. “Last year Kentucky wrote a check to Ark Encounter for $1.8 million, refunding almost 80 percent of the $2.28 million sales tax revenue.”

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