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AOC slams Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley & complicit Republicans – Recounts her insurrection experience.

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AOC’s testimony, Dr. Mythili Ramakrishna, an immigrant’s thoughts on insurrection, and more

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) details her scary experience at the Capitol during the insurrection as she excoriates Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and complicit Republicans.

AOC did not hold back on complicit Republican Politician

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AOC gave a compelling hour and a half Instagram Live message where she did three things. The clip in this post shortens it to just a few minutes that digests it all.’

She told us about some personal incidents that she normally does not talk about but explains her empathy level and more. She detailed her frightful experience where she first thought the mob had made it into her office. Instead, She was just as frightened when confronted by the said intruder, an angry, rude Capitol police. And she excoriated the complicit Republicans in Congress.

AOC used her own tragedy, sexual assault, a form of abuse to frame what the Republican Trump-supporting traitorous seditious insurrectionists are doing to America. It was an attempt to bully Americans into stealing the election for Donald Trump.

AOC’s scary experience when she thought her office was being invaded leaves more questions than answers. Moreover, it leaves concerns about white-supremacist infiltration in our police and military.

ACO, however, had a poignant statement concerning Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and complicit Republicans.

“We knew that violence was expected on the 6th,” AOC said. “We knew that that violence was predicated on someone telling the lie, the big lie about our elections. We knew all of this in advance. … Someone holding up the lie that our election was fraudulent. Lies that Republican Secretary of States said were a lie. Republicans had said it was a lie. Republican governors have said it was a lie.”

And then AOC went for the politicians.

“And these Senators, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, knew that it was the lie,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “And they knew these violent people needed the lie.”

She went on to say the Senator lied for political gain. But what upsets her the most is that they refuse to accept responsibility. Worse, many complicit Republicans show no remorse implying they would do it again. In effect, many of these Republicans are a clear and present danger to the rest of us.

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